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Mohesu is a leading provider of digital services, with a focus on developing cutting-edge apps, websites, AI products, and server solutions. Our team of experienced developers is committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive business growth and help our clients stay ahead of the competition.

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We started with one single goal Empower Businesses

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At Mohesu, we unite innovation and accessibility, reshaping digital boundaries. Our solutions not only lead in innovation but also champion inclusivity, making technology accessible to all



At Mohesu, we drive empowerment through technology, providing innovative solutions that give businesses the tools they need to take charge of their digital journey and achieve new heights of success.



At Mohesu, innovation is our cornerstone. We pioneer cutting-edge solutions, pushing boundaries in web development and server services to ensure your digital presence remains at the forefront of technology.



At Mohesu, we embody innovation excellence. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of web development and server services reflects our dedication to delivering unparalleled solutions, setting new standards for digital success.


Team work

At Mohesu, innovation is a product of collaborative teamwork. Our dynamic team synergizes creativity and expertise in web development and server services, working seamlessly to bring cutting-edge solutions to fruition for your digital empowerment.



At Mohesu, innovation is synonymous with responsibility. We take pride in delivering best solutions in web development and servers, always mindful of our responsibility to provide reliable and secure technological advancements for your success.

This is who we are

Our team at Mohesu is a dynamic blend of skilled professionals dedicated to excellence in web development and server services. Collaborative and creative, we work synergistically to bring cutting-edge solutions to life, ensuring your digital success.

Hemant Kumar

Founder and CEO

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Amit Jangra
Amit Jangra

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